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Academic skills – GCSEs, particularly English, maths and science sessions. Science experiments, problem solving and essential writing skills have been coupled with revision sessions across a range of subjects – an approach that has been well received by students. Embracing transition skills, vocational skills, leadership and academic progression at post 16.

Life skills sessions include: self soothing, anger management, emotional regulation, nutrition, financial literacy, self-advocacy, technology enhanced learning, career readiness, resilience, social justice, philanthropic activity, health and wellness, study skills, and access to related resources, including foster carer support.

Exposure to, and a sense of belonging in, higher education is at the heart of the academy experience. Students embrace campus living, experiencing living together, eating, doing laundry and sharing learning and social spaces with other groups. Student societies, sports and recreation and a variety of degree subject areas are explored in partnership with local universities and other providers.

Year 1 focuses on GCSE preparation including English literature – Shakespeare and more, mathematics – problem solving, and science – experiments across physics, chemistry and biology curricula.

Year 2 focuses on GCSE English, Maths and Science, ICT and e-safety, revision and examination preparation. Subject specific support is also offered on an individual basis.

Years 3 & 4 focus on post 16 study including leadership, social engagement and vocational skills. First Star develops students’ mindset through a range of tools and techniques including Vision; Effort; Systems; Practice; Attitude (VESPA). Curricular sessions across A Level, BTeC and apprenticeships routes support transitions, progress and engagement. FSAUK works with post 16 providers to ensure a wide range of curricular options, supporting individual choice and pathways.