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Giving Forward Project

First Star students give donations to others in need

Saving the Big Cats

I really wanted to give to the big cat sanctuary as I have three cats at home and I have always had an interest in the sheer power of the lion, and it honestly breaks my heart to see these hunters killing these majestic and wonderful creatures just for there fur and teeth. All the lions and tigers are becoming extinct at an alarming rate! I am a student at the First Star Academy, and we have been given a sum of £50 to give to any selected charity. And I love animals and I hate them to be gone from our earth and knowing that it was us that made them go extinct is a painful thought and I have always wanted to adopt a big cat ever since I went to the London zoo and I watched the lion king.

First Star is for children in care that aspire to go to university and they give us a lot of amazing opportunity’s and this was by far one of my favourite ones as I get to give back to the community. Over 100 Tigers are killed yearly and I feel like with all the donations including mine I feel like with everyone’s efforts and time we can cut the annual deaths by almost half. I wanted to donate it to a homeless male in my area but there are several people at the First Star Academy doing the same thing so I wanted to be different and unique and I felt your charity will help me and lots of other animal lovers, So I hope you can use it well and make tigers happy and free from poaching and hunters.

First Star Student A

Help for Heroes

I am writing to you to inform you about the charity I have chosen which is Help for Heroes.

I would like to give my money to Help for Heroes because my Grandad was in the Army and my brother is in the Army.  The Army has done alot for my brother because without the Army my brother would have no qualifications (GCSE) and would probably have no job.

Overall I would like to thank you for donating and giving up your time for First Star.  And it was very generous of you to support us with £50 to give to a charity of our choice.

First Star Student B

The Little Princess Trust 

Hello, I am a  student who is writing to say that I would like to donate £50 pounds to your charity as you help people going through hair loss. I believe that this charity is helpful towards those who come to it. I have been given this money from an organisation called First Star Academy and would like to pass it on to you.

I may only be a teen however I would like to make a difference by helping who I can, and I believe that this charity is a great place to start because of the way you make wigs for those who need them. No one should have to go through hair loss so I am thankful that charities like you are here to help.

This charity isn’t new to me as I have been involved with this charity before, as I donated money when my mum was fundraising by cutting of her hair to support my aunt who has suffered hair loss from treatment. I think this charity is important for people who have lost their hair for their self-confidence and self-care which is why I would like to donate again. £50 pounds may not be as much as my mum has raised however every little helps to those who need it and therefore I am happy to donate.

I hope this money helps future people who are going through hair loss because of treatment and illnesses. I will be sure to donate again when I can as no one should have to go through it. I know self-confidence and self-care isn’t a topic that is talked about however I think it is important to people’s happiness which is an important emotion for everyone.

First Star Student F

Great Ormond Street Hospital

Personally I want to thank you all, just thank you for the work you’ve done to help so many children in your existence, you’ve saved people, not just the children that get brought in but their families as well. You change so many people’s lives, for the better, helping those who are not just ill but like I said their families as well, with grief and pain that could come with the illness that their child gets diagnosed with. I came to the hospital 15 years ago when I was just 17 days old, I was very ill, I still don’t know why, but my heart stopped beating for a time after I arrived but then all of you there managed to get my heart beating again and brought me back to life. I am alive because of what you did and what you do now.

I just want to give it to say thank you for everything you have done. You deserve much more for the work you have done, the work that has helped so many families and friends, with their grief, their pain, their sadness, the illness of their children. All that work deserve so much more than what I can give, and I hope you get it, because you do deserve it. Thank you for all the work that has been done, thank you for just everything, because without you many more people would be lost not just the children but their families lost in the grief and pain they would feel with the loss of their child, so thank you for everything you have done, and everything that you will do to protect the children of the future.

First Star Student D

Great Ormond Street Hospital

It would be great pleasure if I you could let me give you £50 to your charity and Hospital. It would mean a lot to me as I have a lot of history with this hospital. Personally, not me but my brother as all the nurses, doctors and everybody who works there has nearly helped my brother through hard times. All the nurses and doctors who have worked with my family and my brother to help him get better have done a lot. They have been helping him ever since he was born as they have diagnosed him with all the issues and illnesses that he has and prescribing medicines for him. The things that they have done for my brother are diagnose him with kidney problems such as him needing a donor, diagnosing him with epilepsy, helped him to walk, giving him lots of operations such as MRI scans and echocardiograms (ECG) and much more and I cannot thank you guys enough.

Therefore, it would make me proud and happy if I gave them the money as they have done a lot for him. I think that the money will help you by researching into children’s and adult’s health, support for families and children, rebuilding and refurbishing the hospital for the patients to be in a safe environment, lifesaving medical equipment which could help diagnoses issues within patients. I believe that this will help your charity and hospital by depending on charitable donations to give seriously ill children the chance of a better future.

First Star Student E

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